Khan's journal

My hatching

Well what to say other than i had never experienced anything like that before. awareness entering my mind for the first time trapped in this small space knowing only only that i had to escape. the struggle to burst forth from my confinement. it was all so confusing.
My first few days out were the hardest. the local people mistook me for some sort of monster, granted there were several accidents, their houses and pet are just to breakable. they hired some people to end me, but luckily for me they were willing to listen to me and teach me many strange and wondrous things.


wow that was a rush we actually fought vampires, my friends and i have been asked to help some people move to a new place, they were afraid of bandits and the like and wanted someone to protect them. we signed on, oh the wonders we might see. after a long day flying and seeing many strange creatures and plants we found a nice spot to rest for the night. while looking around i found a strange thing, shaped like a human hand but tasted of metal and plastic. curious i took it to the leader of the human travelers he took it from me he seemed unable to tell me much but i left it with him to figure out its secrets. but i digress. that night while most slept and i stood watch a strange mist beset us, as i watched it formed into some people. honest to god, people. they turned out to be vampires, a fight followed, but of course we won, i will give them this they can hit hard.

Ciudad juarez.

well we arrived. what a place this is. i have never seen so many people in one place, all of them so busy it is amazing. my friends found this cute little place to eat before finding some woman who cuts people open for work. i always thought people ran away from people like that but they seemed to be asking her to do it. i am sure i will get used to the way these people live one day. that night we stayed in a hotel. the next day we went looking for work to build our meager hoard. after looking at several opportunities my friends decided on helping a lawyer, not sure what one does but he seemed important. we are supposed to keep someone safe. easy enough. we went to his house to protect him. he seems a nice man, not sure why some one would want to hurt him. I was flying around when these nice police men stopped me and took me back to the precinct, they were even nice enough to answer some of my questions and explain some of the rules. it seems that these humans have funny rules about flying over peoples houses, i think they are afraid that i might crush their house, and given how breakable the houses are i can relate.

The court

we safely deliverd the poor man. that was fun. some of the locals did not want him in the court and shot things at us. some of them ticled a bit. One of them had some power over the mind of other people. but we got him to the court eventually. i waited outside not wanting to break such a pretty building. while i sat out side a strange woman walked past. right past a lock down. i captured her and sent her back inside, the court were very happy that i had caught her as she was trying to hurt the man we were trying to protect.

The cattle drive


What an interesting journey, simple enough plan jump in the truck and travel down and meet the dino drive. It was not that easy. It seems that the badlands out this way are infested with vampires. on our way south we had to stop at a couple of towns and deal with a couple of minor vampire problems. on the whole this land seems to be a place of fear and harsh survival. but for the most part the people seem nice.

with the drive

these things are fun. they are almost as bog as myself, its strange to meet an animal that is not afraid of me. i have been told chasing them is not allowed but it seems so much fun. pity.

Khan's journal

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